General Info

We are en both on-premise and off-premise caterer.

Beaver Choice Mission is very simple:

  • Excellent
  • Unique
  • Highly awarded and
  • Affordable food.

Presented in a beautiful manner, that will impress and satisfy taste buds week after week. Always with consistent on time service.

We can service any small or medium size requirements you may have. The broad assortment allows you to choose the right mix for each occasion. Once you are ready to order, the hassle free process begins.

Place your order via phone or by e-mail. We invite you to refer your co-workers, family and friends to share the experience!

We cater all sorts of Events: Sports, Weddings, Birthdays, Business Meetings, After Work Nibbles, the list goes on...

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Staple Food in Midwest, on the East Coast and in Canada.

By using only fresh local ingredients and NO Preservatives and by keeping Old Traditional Recipes we do hope that our pierogi will satisfy not only Polish and Easter European Customers but also all Americans. Most popular flavors are

  • Potato-Sharp Cheddar
  • Potato-Sharp Cheddar-Bacon
  • Falafel. Belive it or not. They are loved by the crowds. Best served with Tzatziki

is our newest flavor and the perfect food for the crowds. Best served with some Salsa and Sour Cream.

Finger Food

Finger Foods are great as a party snack, a pre dinner nibble or (if your order enough) a meal in itself.

Staring at $0.95 per item.

Our Finger Food Menu can be eaten entirely with your fingers.

Browse freely through those Delicious nibbles including appetizers, canapés, filled puff pastry, home-style salads and of course desserts.

This Menu allows you to select not only the items but also the number of each you want. Order 50 of these, 75 of those, 100 of those... Have fun to tailor your selection.

Easy and hassle free!
Delivered and ready to eat.
All you need to do is simply serve and wait for the compliments.

Download Finger Food Menu Here

Hot Buffet

Comfort Food Ideal for Family Gatherings, Business Meetings, Weddings, Birthdays, Footbal Game Nights and much more.

Comfort food-associated with the security of childhood - may be indulged to positively pique emotions, to relieve negative psychological effects or to increase positive feelings.

Always putting smile on the face
of your guests

We have received many Awards for serving Great, Nourishing Food. See our Media Section

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Per Pound Items

Those foods are a staple at our famous restaurant and most of them avaialable for same day pick up if you get unannounced guests or awesome sides for your dinner.

Excellent addition to our:

  • Comfort Food Menu
  • Finger Food Menu
  • Pierogi Party
  • Corporate Lunch
You can create entire menu using our Per Pound Food List.

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Corporate Lunch

Impress your Boss & Order from us.

…the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

Who knows…

...Maybe the promotion or the next great deal is around the corner and depends on impressing your boss or your new customers.

We NEVER sacrifice the quality. Our food is made fresh daily from local ingredients and seasoned to perfection.

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